Who We Are


Hand Sanitiser UK is part of the Love Brewing group of companies and we have been selling and producing alcohol for over 15 years.

We started importing distillation equipment in 2005 from New Zealand and we sell this to many businesses in the UK and Europe. We now have many commercial distilleries and alcohol (ethanol) producers using our equipment. We also sell all the ingredients including yeast and botanicals for making gin, vodka and many other alcoholic drinks. We started in 2019 supplying the machinery and ingredients to many businesses especially for those making sanitised alcohol.

As we gained expertise in the production of alcohol (ethanol) we started selling rubbing alcohol on a small scale to some local care homes. Since the beginning of March 2020 with the Coronavirus (COVID19) taking hold our production has increased dramatically. To keep up with demand we have turned our operation in Clay Cross solely into producing hand sanitiser.

We are determined to help beat this virus our aim being to produce what is needed to aid our local care homes, health workers and general public to stay safe and sanitised.

We currently supply hand sanitiser in 25 litres 5 litres and have started offering 500ml and 100ml bottles for personal use please call 01246 588991 or email rob@hand-sanitiser-uk.org for further details.

Many alcohol based sanitisers have an ABV of 60% – 65%. At Hand Sanitiser UK the ABV is 70% which studies have shown to be the optimum percentage to kill COVID19.

If you are a trade supplier and would like to find out more to be able to make your own sanitiser then please visit our website www.lovebrewing.co.uk